New Year’s Blessings

The New Year is a time for reflection and an opportunity for transformation.

Anyone can transform their life and take it to a level of purpose and meaning they never knew was possible.

In 2006, I made the first of many changes that would move me from the “glamour” of Hollywood towards a place of service to others.  When I began teaching, I had just one or two students coming to my home.  I thought I had lost my life in this great desire to bring spirituality to my community.  What I didn’t know is that my life would powerfully be BLESSED IN SO MANY WAYS as this role of the Healer is, more than ever, in great demand. I didn’t know I would have the privilege to meet you and have your beautiful presence in my life.

So trust your own path and where your heart is taking you. Anyone can feel the immense joy, love and support from Spirit at each moment in their lives while living on their own terms with great freedom.  Anyone can know they are sharing their gift in this world each time one person shares with them how their lives have brightened thanks to their work

Wherever you do for a living, know that you can be a positive force for those around you just by setting your intention within what you do, and if you are wanting to devote your life to a path of healing, I will feel honored for the opportunity to assist on your journey!

Working for the Greater Good turns a world of daily troubles into a Universe conspiring for our success!

In this year, I wish for you to:

  • Find yourself closer to knowing who you truly are
  • Feel more and more the bliss that life provides for you at every second
  • Experience such great love that it overflows to all those around you
  • Enjoy abundant inspiration and guidance from the Divine
  • Thrive in prosperity in all aspects of your life

Have a wondrous happy New Year 2013!!

With Great Love, Many Blessings to YOU.

Victoria Vives Khuong

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