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VISION QUEST ~ Happy 2014 from the Mojave Desert!

Happy 2014! Wishing you great happiness and blessings for the wonderful New Year.

VISION QUEST: A Native American Vision Quest consists of one to four days and nights secluded in nature, in deep communion with the spiritual forces of creation, to gain profound insight regarding purpose and destiny.

This was my first Vision Quest, so I didn’t know what to expect.  Now that I am back home in LA, some of the immediate benefits I am experiencing are a clear sense of purpose and a greater understanding about who I truly am.  Very powerful!

In the Vision Quest process, I received insights in a very special way. For instance, the long Winter nighttime was about 12 hrs of darkness with another two hours of semi darkness during the dawn and dusk. The sun was very hot during the day as I sat sheltered from the cool wind, sweating, and it  became suddenly freezing as soon as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

When growing up, we were four people at home and there was only one bedroom and only one real bed, so I shared bed with my mom from birth until I left home at 18 y.o., so I am not used to sleeping alone.  Because of that and because of perceiving extrasensory information since childhood (such as non-physical presences) plus having a vivid imagination, I prefer not to be alone at night.  But now, there I was, alone in the wild, immersed in a 12 hrs long night out in the open with only a bedroll… for the first time. I suddenly looked at the starry sky and something precious was revealed to me – I realized my connection with the sky and the stars and felt that they were watching over me and protecting me during my mission here on Earth as the most powerful shelter I could ever find. This together with Mother Earth beneath me, embracing me, felt like the most loving place to be.  This realization was an amazing gift I received and hard to express with just words!


Beautiful Joshua Tree view as the sun rises.

I then enjoyed observing how the stars where moving above me, indicated how far in the night I was, as I preferred not to look at the time…  And when the sun started rising, that was the best gift I could have!  I always loved the sun and its warmth on my skin, but this time, I felt how its energy charged me up and blessed each of my cells and my thoughts.  It got me up and running and I couldn’t wait to do things!!!  So my creative force was also something that came up strongly as a realization.  I normally receive many ideas for things I want to create and, in this case, I couldn’t be active on most of them, because of being separated from my main tools for creation and also because I wanted to maintain this time in my Vision Quest for reflection, as quiet as possible.  After walking and walking, thorns and burs from the desert plants stuck in my feet, so I had to sit down for most of the day and singing came to me very strongly .  Birds came by my side and harmonized with my notes.  What a beautiful connection!

Another inner knowing that came to me was how important my family is for me, I had images from times baking with my husband and other beautiful moments came to me while I was there in Joshua Tree.

After being back at home, and to my surprise, I realized I wasn’t hungry at all during my Quest, but I enjoyed very much returning last night and having dinner with my husband after the fasting!


Beautiful Joshua Tree view as the sun sets.

Today, I felt powerfully recharged and clearly focused on my new perspective incorporating all the clarity and insight.  I knew that this insight and teachings from the forces of nature will continue to unfold during the following weeks and so it did.  While chatting with a facebook friend, he asked me why I moved from Spain to Los Angeles.  My answer was the same as always “the number one reason was the Los Angeles wide open skies.  In Madrid, I had to look up in order to see the sky because of the tall buildings, but here I could easily see the sky at any time.”  However, a strong realization came this – somewhere in my heart, I already knew about the sky,  the stars and the sun watching over me and about my connection with Star Nation and the Heaven Energy (which is an important energy we work with in traditional Japanese practices, such as REIKI, along with Earth Energy).  So Los Angeles always felt like home just by having the wide open sky above me and I chose to stay here even if I had nothing else.  Now I know why, and this is life-changing.  Furthermore, the nights feel completely different to me now and I feel the companion of the stars overnight through the ceilings of my home, as well as the embrace from Mother Earth.

One thing I felt very clear is that I LOVE to share a good story and that anything becomes so much more meaningful for me when I can share it with you. So that is why I ended up recording a video… to share it with you. The interesting thing is that by recording this video I also gained a memory from my Vision Quest that will always stay with me as well, which otherwise I wouldn’t have created. So thank you!

What a beautiful and powerful experience a Vision Quest can be!  I highly recommend it, especially in a sacred festivity such as New Year’s Eve!

Blessings and Happy 2014 <3



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