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The Tribal Pillar

This pillar can be seen as the essential counterpart to the Ancestral Nexus.

In much the same way that the Ancestral Nexus provides wisdom, grounding, and power via Sacred Land and Ancestral Lineages, the Tribal Pillar provides a power base through a community of Kindred Spirits.

With all of our social media and communication technologies, it can be easy to feel that we have the connections to friends and peers necessary to support us, and yet there is a key missing ingredient when connecting in this way that can lead to disharmony and burnout.

Human beings have survived and grown as close-knit clans or tribes for hundreds of thousands of years and arguably millions of years ago.  In effect, having a real, physical relationship with our tribe is a necessity written in our genetic code.  Operating as a lone healer is akin to hiking a rocky trail alone at night whereas having your tribe provides ample warmth, security, and guidance.

How then, in our busy and hectic lives can we find our tribe?

Some simple concepts you can take to connect with your tribe include:

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  1. Life Partner
  2. Share Your True Self
  3. Training and Events


Of course, having a deep and nurturing relationship with a life partner is another way to begin building that essential tribe.  In today’s world of serial relationships and speed dating, it is important to remind ourselves why we are looking for a partner.  In many ways, it is best to hold out alone a while longer than to give in and form a hollow and superficial relationship with someone who does not support our highest and brightest expression.  Your life partner or potential life partner is the single greatest relationship and seeding energy for your tribe.


I have found that it is close to impossible to connect with like minded individuals unless we express our mind.  Seems obvious, and yet, this is an often overlooked detail.  Make sure to take every opportunity to share who you truly are and talk about what you do with others and you will inevitably connect with kindred spirits, sometimes unexpectedly!

My favorite way of building supportive relationships is by attending training and events that speak to my core purpose.  In this way it’s guaranteed that I will meet and form bonds with individuals who support my greatest expression simply by being themselves and entering my life.  This is one of the powerful benefits that I see Healers walk away with after attending our annual Divine Startlight Retreat at Mt Shasta.  The memories that we create together in this three powerfully healing and restorative days on Sacred Land with a small group of kindred Spirits are beyond words!

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