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Need some inspiration? Last week, we completed our first 30-Day Success for Healers challenge and my heart had the biggest smiles witnessing the progress, the breakthroughs, the camaraderie, the HEALING, and all the growth that each participant experienced!

Our challenge winner, Ardath Muhammad, has a powerful inspiring story (watch video below) filled with courage and determination! Please take a moment to celebrate, support, and get to know this beautiful healer.

I also want to acknowledge our #2 and #3 in the challenge, Joan Mendoza and Shaina Mukhtar (see image below). They too demonstrated they’re here to make the world a better place!

Let’s celebrate these heart-centered women! And, YOU can be part of this too, read below. To the success of all healers!










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Please take a moment to support them and check the powerful work they are doing! Click on the posts to connect with them.

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