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If you are an empath or highly sensitive person, this information can help!

Empaths are keenly attuned to the emotions of other people, but also to nature. They can acquire physical sensations or feelings from their environment that can have a positive or negative effect on their mental and physical health.

Some experts believe that stormy weather can bring out underlying depression in people who are already highly sensitive. However, in other cases, it can actually help to heal emotional wounds by providing a sense of release and catharsis. Therefore, having a plan of action for stormy weather can help you turning a day of potential depressive mood into a day of profound healing.

Here is what you can do:

Step 1 ~ Awareness: You might be feeling down without fully knowing why and, apparently, for no reason. Having the awareness that weather affects you is the first step to navigate the storm (no pun intended).

Step 2 ~ Normalize it: Realize that weather affects not just empaths but also many others, just in a different degree, so be gentle and loving with yourself.

Step 3 ~ Self-Love: Make it a point to take care of yourself during this time. This includes practicing meditation or Reiki Self-Healing, eating healthy foods, and spending time with loved ones.

Step 4 ~ Become the sun: Once you have nurtured yourself, imagine yourself as the sun. Start shining brightly from within and become the light that is missing outside of you. If it feels hard, put some music that you know uplifts you and dance to it to get started!

These simple steps can prepare you so that you turn your day around for the better!

Let me know how this works out for you!

Have other recommendations? I would love to hear!! Please share in the comments.

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