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The Pillar of Shade or Shadow Pillar is, perhaps, one of the more difficult facets of healing and consciousness that we will approach.​​​​​​

The Pillar of Shade represents our relationship with our whole self, both the light and dark. It is dependent on the understanding, like the Yin and Yang, that the light and dark are simply two facets of the same entity and are both interconnected and wholly dependent on each other. Much like the shady side of the hill cannot be separated from the sunny side of the hill, it is simply not possible to separate ourselves from our Shadow Self.​​​​​​

The balance of light and dark is not necessarily a balance between good and evil but rather a dynamic interchange that describes two sides of a spectrum in order to have a relative points of reference.​​​​​​

What does this mean for a healer? It means that we must understand the purpose and the hidden gift behind our grief, anger and fear. In order to access our brightest light we must also delve into our darkest depths to fully understand, heal, and master ourselves.​​​​​​

It is all too common, in the modern New Age approach, to ignore that shadow, think only positive thoughts and focus on repeating once and again “Love and Light!” whether what we are feeling is that or not. As important as Love and Light are, we would not fully understand them without the experience of fear and darkness. Ignoring our Shadow Self, ultimately leads to succumbing to and being controlled by it, and we definitely don’t want that.​​​​​​

How then can we safely explore and work with our Shadow Self. Working with the Shadow can be complicated and is best done with a facilitator. However, these three steps can form a powerful foundation to Shadow work:​​​​​​


2.Self Reflection

3.Plan for wholeness​​​​​​


​​​​​​The first step to daily Shadow work is acknowledging your shadow when you feel its presence. This can manifest as anger, sadness, doubt, and any irrational thoughts. The standard reaction of the Shadow to these thoughts and emotions is either repressing them, projecting them, justifying them… Instead, take a moment to simply breath through the feeling or the thought to acknowledge the experience.​​​​​​


Now that you have identified and acknowledged your Shadow, take some time to detach yourself from the immediate feeling and reflect on why you felt that way and how it helps you getting to know more about your own self. Our reactive thoughts and feelings hide something from which we can, if self aware, learn valuable lessons about ourselves that will help us grow.​​​​​​


This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. Now that we have acknowledged, understood, and learned from our Shadow, what can we do with that experience to improve ourselves?​​​​​​

Simply have the desire to integrate and bring light (awareness) to your Shadow aspects is power in itself that will serve to heighten your inner light and establish ourselves at the forefront of advancing human consciousness.​​​​​​

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