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REIKI for Nurses

Insurance Payments for Reiki Treatments
by Linda Shepherd-Gentle

A major concern among Reiki practitioners has been the inability to bill client’s insurance companies for treatments. However, today there are avenues available to the practitioner.A nurse who practices Reiki and wishes to bill an insurance company for a treatment may use the diagnostic code 1.8 – Energy Field Disturbance. The diagnostic code may only be used by nurses and is recognized by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association. The bill should be accompanied by a separate sheet setting forth the assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. This information may be found in the Official Newsletter of the American Holistic Nurse’s Association (Vol. 15-No. 4, April 1995)

Energy Field Disturbance is defined as a disruption of the flow of energy surrounding a person’s being which results in disharmony of the body, mind and/or spirit. Defining characteristics of EFD are – temperature change (warmth and coolness), visual change ( image/color), disruption of the field (vacant, hold, spike, bulge, movement (wave, spike, tingling, dense, flowing), and sounds (tones/words).

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