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Are You Psychic?psychic intuition tips

As a Psychic Development teacher, the number one thing I see standing between my students and their psychic abilities is… TRUST.

We have all had moments in our lives in which we had a hunch or felt an inner knowing.

Perhaps you can remember a time in which somebody popped up in your mind and then, soon enough, they were calling you over the phone…

Or perhaps you were out with friends and suddenly felt as if somebody was staring at you and when you looked, somebody was in fact staring at you.

These “coincidences” are valuable indicators of… yes, exactly that — your natural, not yet developed, Psychic Ability.

Being psychic or intuitive is something natural to being human, so I encourage you to acknowledge and strengthen this sixth sense by doing the following:

  1. Get a special notepad and pen, not just any kind, but one that you enjoy and feel called to work with.
  2. On the first page, write the following title “PSYCHIC JOURNAL” or “INTUITION JOURNAL” followed by the intention “Every time I write on my Psychic Journal, my trust in my Intuition and Psychic abilities expand”
  3. Every time that you have a hunch, intuition, inner knowing… WRITE IT DOWN in your Psychic Journal and celebrate it! Otherwise, we tend to forget or invalidate these occurrences!
  4. When you have ANY doubts about your Psychic ability, read your journal. You can also read it each night to anchor that trust in you overnight.

I would love to hear how this works for you!!!  Enjoy!


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