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In Day 8 we talked about the inner Action hero, have you tapped into yours yet?

As you contemplate and incorporate the various themes in the Twelve Days of Prosperity, remember that you are on your own very unique journey and although these concepts and strategies are helpful to everyone, you may feel more drawn to a specific one and this is good. Explore and focus on why that is and, at the same time, remember to keep the others in mind.

DAY 9: Way of the Bouncing Ball

The Way of the Bouncing Ball, is an art as old as life itself. We incorporate it here in the Twelve Days of Prosperity because it the perfect followup to the momentum created by your inner action hero from day 8.

So what is this mysterious power embodied by the great Bouncing Ball? The secret is innate resilience and perseverance built into something that, by it’s very nature brings fun, joy, and happiness.

How amazing would it be to become so tough that you can take anything life throws at you while, by nature of your resilience, bringing light and energy to everyone around you?  Well, you can and like so many other skills in life, it becomes easier and more powerful the more you practice.  You can do this by working on your awareness and changing your mindset if you ever feel down or depressed.  Low vibration states of being serve their purpose by giving us feedback but it is choice that we make to stay in it or raise our vibration.

We all fall down but it is how we bounce back that really matters.


If you’re like me and could use some allies to boost your action hero mojo, or could use a nurturing environment of kindred spirits to share enthusiasm and inspiration, I encourage you join me in the upcoming Business Success for Healers course for an action packed year of success!

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