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Today’s day of prosperity topic is all action so let’s get to it!

DAY 8: Action Hero

Movie character stereotypes provide an interesting peak into the human psyche through the use of personality archetypes. I actually share in my book, In a Matter of Seconds, about how movies, or rather a specific movie, played an extraordinarily powerful role in my own journey to prosperity and self actualization. This is a story that requires a bit of background so we’ll leave it for another time. For now, I’d like to focus our attention on how the archetype of the action hero can help us create greater prosperity.

So what characteristic embodies the spirit of action hero?

Aside from being the hero, the obvious answer would be action. In this case, we want to look at a specific kind of action, namely the ability to take action despite overwhelming odds and despite what everyone else says is impossible.

In fact, there would simply not be a movie if the action hero does not take action right?

In your life, you are the action hero. You need to take action to make it happen. Within the context of prosperity and success, this means taking a physical step beyond the dreaming, planning, and self reflection stages to set in motion the tangible and measurable chain of events that will eventually culminate in the achievement of real goals.

Actions can be of all different sizes and levels of commitment and they all help. Start off with small actions as a warm up and confidence booster. Maybe making a public announcement, like letting you friends or family or social media contact know of your plans. Perhaps investing in yourself or your work by buying something that inspires you or facilitates what you do like crystals or essential oils or a class or anything else that feels good and also has practical application towards your success.

Think about what action you can take now to get your momentum started for a new year of prosperity.


If you’re like me and could use some allies to boost your action hero mojo, or could use a nurturing environment of kindred spirits to share enthusiasm and inspiration, I encourage you join me in the upcoming Business Success for Healers course for an action packed year of success!

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– Victoria Vives Khuong

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