Christmas Time

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your family much love, health and prosperity!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, celebrating with family and friends is always a good thing and in the spirit of Christmas, so today’s subject in our Twelve Days of Prosperity is about both giving and receiving.

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And continuing with the Twelve Days of Prosperity…

DAY 6 : Giving and Receiving

Like so many things in life, giving and receiving are two facets of a concept that necessarily requires both to exist. There is no giver without a receiver and vice versa.

What does this have to do with prosperity? Pretty much everything!

Prosperity is not static, it is positive momentum and transformation. All movement or transformation occurs through an exchange… a process of giving and receiving, if you will.

We all love to receive gifts, but someone has to be giving them in order to receive them right? Whether we know it or not, we are always taking something from our environment, whether physical or non-physical, while also simultaneously adding something.

For example, let’s say that someone cuts us off on the freeway. We have been given an opportunity to react to it. Now that we have taken this opportunity, how we react is what we are giving to the situation. Would you choose to give understanding and forgiveness or would you choose to give anger. Or perhaps you would choose not to participate and simply not take that particular opportunity.Business Success Healers

Making a living is another great example of how this cycle of balanced exchange works, there is always an exchange of energy and yet, a big challenge among healing professionals is the struggle in asking for money from their clients.  Traditionally, healers were provided for by their community so there was no need to “sell” however, in today’s world, healers, like everyone else, need to generate an income to pay for living expenses.  Thus a heart-centered approach to business has been created for healers to facilitate the natural cycle of giving and receiving between client and healer.  This is something we fully address and transform in my Business Success for Healers course.

If we want to receive greater prosperity, we need to focus on energies on giving what is needed to create it. Like a seed that would one day grow into a tree that gives fruit, we must first provide it with fertile soil and nurturing.

Every moment of time is a gift we are given. What will you do with yours?


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– Victoria Vives Khuong