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And continuing with the Twelve Days of Prosperity…

DAY 5 : Positive Yet Grounded

The idea of being positive is a simple one and yet there can be a number of challenges and misconceptions that may eventually lead to its use being seen as impractical.

The secret to being a positive person is summed up with the idiom of “Seeing the cup half full,” as opposed to “Seeing the cup half empty.”

The concept is simple enough, however, at times the rational mind might reject the positive outlook, if it comes across as irrational. This can be prevented by aiming to be positive while at the same time being aware of the conditions of realism with optimism.

So if we take the fullness of the cup as an example we demonstrate most of the angles and possible outcomes of the approach as well as a good strategy to apply positive thinking.

If we start with half a cup and the desire is to have a full cup and we have the understanding that it might be challenging, and perhaps seemingly impossible, to achieve a full cup, what are our options?

Extreme Optimism: “Yes! Everyone can achieve a full cup! If we think it, we can have it!”

Extreme Pessimism: “Realistically, only 0.001% of people in the world ever achieve fullness so don’t even bother.”

These are extreme positions on a spectrum, each of which can lead to a variety of results that are possibly good, possibly bad, but generally not constructive in the long run. On the optimistic side of the spectrum, the possibility of achieving fullness exists, however, we need to make sure to not only think positively but also to act toward achieving our goal and be aware of possible roadblocks along the way so that we can prevent them. We also want to make sure to have proper judgement so that we don’t experience loss or harm someone due to neglecting their feelings or emotional wounds.

Let’s take a look at the pessimistic side of the spectrum. Here, there is no hope of ever achieving fullness because there is no willingness to try. Of course we also will not encounter failure because we didn’t even try, but life’s biggest lessons and opportunity for growth come from failures. You can see failure as a learning curve in your journey, a realization of what doesn’t work. Although this path might feel like the “safe” path, it is actually the path to drudgery. As William S. Burroughs summed up nicely, “When you stop growing you start dying.”

So then what’s the middle path here?

The key is in the context of the situation and practicing optimism, with empathy, wisdom and strategy. For example, “The cup is already half way there and we know that it can be done so let’s figure out how to make it full!” If someone you are talking to has a negative emotional history with lack of fullness then adding a bit of empathy helps like, “I’m sorry you had to go through that, I can only imagine how that felt. Let’s figure out how we can overcome this together and get that cup full now!”

Business Success HealersSharing grounded and constructive optimism is a skill that raises energy, prosperity, and makes happier more inspired people. It is essential to create and be surrounded by this kind of environment in order to truly achieve the life of our dreams. This is a core skill that I teach in my Business Success for Healers course and have found that not only is this something that anyone can learn, it’s effects are positive, profound, and far reaching.


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– Victoria Vives Khuong

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