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And continuing with the Twelve Days of Prosperity…

DAY 4 : Soul Family

For the vast majority of human existence, the quality of life of the individual has been almost entirely dependent on the quality of their relationship with their tribe.  In modern times this fact has become more complex through the use of technology and, more specifically, through social media and other virtual communities.

Perhaps the strangest phenomenon that we are seeing in today’s world is the significant increase in health and social issues resulting from loneliness, despite the increased access to communication and social groups.

The bottom line is that the key to health, wealth, and prosperity, is having a strong connection to your tribe.

Sometimes we hear about country or community or family or tribe.  What do these things mean exactly and which concepts are most important?

Well, they are all important but we can see they are all essentially classifying relationships in terms of how closely we identify with them as an extension of our selves.   For example, you are probably more likely to see your parents or siblings as closer to you than your neighbors, who are in turn, probably closer to you than someone who lives in another state, who you most likely identify with more than someone form another country, etc.

In this case, for our purposes in the Twelve Days of Prosperity, we are using the term Soul Family to further specify the group of people who understand you and accept you at a level that no other group does.  This is absolutely key as it is this level of depth in relationships that fosters a deep sense of belonging and shared purpose.

By improving the quality and depth of your relationship and connection with your soul family, you will improve the quality and depth of your life and thus experience greater health, wealth, and prosperity.


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– Victoria Vives Khuong