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DAY 3 : Spiritual Fitness

So we’ve all heard and know the benefits of being healthy and fit.  We also know that wealth is about more than just money and encompasses everything that makes life rich.  Of course having a strong, flexible, and balanced body will improve all other areas of your life, including the wealth and prosperity that you experience, simply by helping you feel and perform better.  It is also, by now, common knowledge that a nutritious diet and daily exercise are the cornerstones of physical fitness.

What is oftentimes not emphasized, and frequently ignored altogether, is that fitness is not isolated to the body.  In fact, physical fitness is only one piece in a puzzle incumbent on the development of the whole.

Holistic fitness is necessarily an interdependent system between the mind, body, and spirit.  In other words, focusing only on physical fitness while neglecting mental and spiritual fitness would be like strengthening only your arms while neglecting the rest of your body.  Sure, you might be able to curl a big barbell but it would not translate into functional movement because your core and legs would not be able to support the same weight.

Similarly, anyone who has a super fit body but neglects their mind and spirit, will not be able to experience the benefits of fully actualized fitness.

So then, how do we work on our mental and spiritual fitness?

Mental fitness can be exercised simply by using the mind.  Learn something new, read, play games, find a mental exercise app for your phone.  Practice being inquisitive and a critical thinker.  You will find that these practices will improve your alertness, mental acuity, and overall focus that will, in turn improve both your physical and spiritual fitness as well as your general quality of life.

Spiritual fitness, by it’s very nature is a little more challenging to define.  The spirit can be said to be that part of us that cannot be found by simply summing up our parts.  It is the part of us that drives us to find meaning and purpose.  Spirit is the seat of passion, wonder, and will.  It is about bringing back the sacredness of life into everything that we do, to bring a connection with all that surrounds us and remind us that we are part of the Universe and that we have a connection with Oneness and the Infinite.

We exercise our spirit by stoking our passions, by feeding our sense of wonder and sacredness, and by overcoming challenges through force of will.  Do something that you are passionate about.  Indulge your inner child and allow yourself to wonder about the great mysteries and beauty in life.  Practice acting in spite of fear or lack of motivation to embrace your soul’s purpose.

You don’t need special tools or skills to do any of these things.  In fact all three aspects of this fitness trifecta can be practiced simultaneously.  Go for a hike in nature with a friend and have a stimulating conversation while taking a moment to take in the beauty of your surroundings.

Give it a try and please share your experience with me!  I would love to hear!!  LOVE.


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– Victoria Vives Khuong