New Year 2020, new healing journey

Getting into the holiday spirit yet?  Yesterday, I mentioned about a surprise for today…

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And continuing with the Twelve Days of Prosperity…

DAY 2 : Your Money Story

Did you know that most lottery winners who win six figures or more either go bankrupt within five years or experience a tremendous amount of emotional hardships that they attribute to their winning ticket?

Why is that?

Money and how it ties into your well being, social status, lifestyle, and identity is so complex. Your individual experience with money in these topics make up your Money Story and this is the foundation for your feelings, relationship, and ultimately your control over money in your life.

What is your money story?

Reflect about how you feel about money and how you would like that to change. Do you have feelings of guilt, entitlement, confusion, anger? Do you want money? Do you deserve money? How do you feel about others who have more or less money than you?

Now that you know how you feel about money, now it’s time to dig deeper and find out why you feel that way. What is your history or your family’s history with money? Have you ever experienced wealth or poverty? How to those around you feel about money and how does that influence you? What comes to mind when you think about business, or sales, or even commercialism?

Investigating and understanding your money story is the first step to changing it and you will find that by shining a light on it, you will open doors to creating a new and better story around money.

P.S. – More to come!

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Have you checked out Day One of the 12 Days of Prosperity? If you haven’t, make sure to take a look before moving on to the theme for today.

You can find the full post here: https://ReikiWellbeing.org/Prosperity-Day-1

– Victoria Vives Khuong