Beautiful Soul,Reiki New Year

Happy New Year’s Eve!

There is something so special and exciting about being right on the cusp of something big. Of course 2020 is an entire year and yet how we start the year off is so important. Like a runner on a starters block, the first few steps can literally dictate the direction of the entire race.

Let’s make this a powerful start to a beautiful New Year!


DAY 12: Leap of Courage

This is it!

There comes a time when all the planning comes to a critical mass and a decision has to be made.

Colloquially, the term “leap of faith” is used to describe a situation whereby a decision or action is made based on the belief of a higher order or divine unfolding rather than on calculated risk taking.

Many of us might trust a higher power (whether you call it the Universe or Source or God or Goddess or even Nature…) that interconnects everything, from human beings to the planet to circumstances to all living beings, and that allows for all things to unfold together, almost like a rose blooming.

In addition to “Leap of Faith”, I’d like to add the “Leap of Courage” as well.

It has been my experience that prosperity can be had where it is truly desired. A bold statement, I know, but the facts are the facts no matter how we might feel about them. With this mind, the “leap” that is needed is both about faith but also about having the courage to see things through, pulling our own weight.

The real question is not about whether it is possible to achieve the prosperity you are wanting but rather how and when will you achieve it?

The path might not be easy nor clear but it is there and simply needs to be walked.

I often hear about all the challenges and seeming impossibility of achieving certain goals. I empathize because I’ve been there, with $14 in my pocket fresh from Spain without a place to live or even speak the language. In fact, I am there! Every single day I am faced with new challenges to achieve what might have seemed impossible, until I achieve it. Impossible is just a mindset and sometimes a leap of courage is exactly what is needed to overcome that mindset.

So then, will you take that leap of courage and walk the path to prosperity?

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– Victoria Vives Khuong