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The New Year is right around the corner!  Are you ready for the most amazing year ever?

If you’re reading this then chances are that are the kind of person who likes to make things happen and looks for guidance and inspiration to help the journey.

Let’s get to it!


DAY 11: Autopilot Prosperity

Do you ever find yourself starting a task that you are familiar with, like driving home from work or exercising, then your mind wanders and before you realize you have finished whatever you started? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do the same but instead of mundane tasks, instead complete tasks that build your prosperity while you take a break or have fun?

Well, you can!  The key is in building an “autopilot”  for success and prosperity.

The human brain is processing so much information at any given point that we have developed a mental adaptation that allows basic bodily functions and trained behaviors to run in the background, this is essentially a form of autopilot. Your autopilot is basically your subconscious mind completing tasks and making decisions based on what you already know and is made up of knowledge, skills, and habits.  Isn’t that amazing!?

In fact, you have a multitude of brain process running simultaneously that allow your conscious mind to have the mental bandwidth to work on more complex, challenging, or new tasks.

So then the key to transform this autopilot is to learn new habits that will improve your prosperity while replacing old ones that are not longer working out so well until the new habits are second nature.


A powerful way to do this:

One powerful way to do this is by applying one of the many topics we already talked about, during the previous 10 days of prosperity. They can be added or used to modify existing habits. Take, for example, the habit of being positive and grounded. At first, it will take some time and effort to train your mind to do this but once it becomes automatic, you’ll know that you have already integrated it into your autopilot.

You can also use a similar technique to delete or un-train programs or habits that are detrimental. A habit like negative self talk or even emotional eating can be replaced with self pep talk or exercise.

The best way to reprogram your autopilot is by surrounding yourself with a support structure that facilitates the change you want.  Change your environment to make specific habits easier to learn or unlearn, such as, if you want to drink water in the morning when you wake up, have water on the nightstand, work with people who can encourage you and keep you on track.  Educate yourself about the subjects you are wanting to incorporate into your habits.

In the same way that you would invest in a quality product for better results, invest in yourself for a higher quality and richer mind to improve your results and experience of life.

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