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Prosperity is one of my favorite words!

Years ago, when I learned about Feng Shui in Spain, I learned that the area in the house that is dedicated to wealth and prosperity is the most important one because it focuses on nurturing what we already have so that it flourishes before we go on into achieving other things. This brings a sense of appreciation for the good things we already have in our lives and what better way to take it to the next level?


DAY 10: Celebrate the Wins!

Celebration is something that generally happens naturally. Of course we would want to celebrate our victories, right?

As true as this is, celebrating wins is far more powerful than we might think and there are ways we can approach this practice in order to maximize our prosperity on all levels and there are also ways to celebrate that might be having a negative impact on your life.

The golden rules to celebrating wins are:

  1. No win is too small.
  2. Celebrate others’ wins.
  3. A win is only a win if it benefits the greater good.

* No win is too small *

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to acknowledge every accomplishment on the path to success in order to generate more momentum. Whatever you focus your attention on will bring more of that into your life and focusing on all your wins, no matter how small they might feel, will bring more of that also. Naturally, many small wins will eventually bring big ones!

* Celebrate others’ wins *

This is powerful on so many levels. Celebrating other’s wins reinforces your focus on the goal by increasing your awareness of success and prosperity. This practice also emphasizes a mindset of community, support, and sharing that is so crucial in that cycle of giving and receiving that we talked about on day 6.

* A win is only a win if it benefits the greater good *

A laser focus on consistent movement toward your goal of success and prosperity is essential and, at the same time, it is so critical to make sure that your path is in line with the greater good. It seems obvious, but your actions affect others and it is important to consider how your actions and your goals are impacting yourself, others, and even the planet.  Your wins should not only improve your prosperity but also improve the potential prosperity for your community and the world at large.

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– Victoria Vives Khuong

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