The New Year is near, it is time for new healing, new hope, new intentions, new resolutions…  Are you ready for the new decade?

New Decade 2020Join me for 12 Days of Prosperity!

Wow what an absolutely amazing year it has been!

It’s that time again… as the year comes to a close and we approach the Winter Solstice, that quiet and introspective time of year that is so important for the preparation of a new yearly cycle, I look back at all that has happened this year and am so grateful to everyone who has made the journey with me.

This year is an especially powerful year as we will be embarking on a whole new decade in 2020. How awesome is that!?

I invite you to join me on a very special process over the next 12 days as we prepare for an amazing 10 years to come. During these next 12 days, a Crystal Grid for Healing and Prosperity will be maintained for all who would like to be added, just reply to this email to have your name added to the grid.

Without further ado I present day one of the 12 Days of Prosperity!

DAY 1 : Accepting YourselfNew Year 2020

All too often, we have our sights set on moving forward and achieving goals, and yet there is some critical ground work to be done before we can truly make forward progress.

Accepting yourself, as you are right now, is like fortifying your foundation from which you can build upon. Do you know and accept who you are right now? If you do, then that’s amazing and you are ready for the next step.

If you have regrets or feel shame or guilt about something that happened, then let’s take take a look at that. As long as you want to do better and understand that you can, then you have already taken the first step to accepting yourself and allowing yourself to move forward. That you have these negative feelings is not a bad thing, they show that you care and that you want a better life and to become a better you –that YOU is within you already. If you never felt these things, that would be a red flag of a deeper issue, so you are on the right path!

So what now?

It’s time to let go of these feelings that are holding you back. They are just reminders that you need to get back on track or find solutions or reflect on yourself. These feelings of shame, guilt, and regret, have done their job in bringing certain issues to your attention so now you can learn from them and release them and accept yourself as who you are now so that you can become who you want to be.

P.S. – More to come!
Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 of the 12 Days of Prosperity and our special Holiday Giveaway!

Also remember to comment on this post to have your name added to our 12 Days of Healing & Prosperity Crystal Grid if you haven’t already. You can also add anyone else (with their consent) or include something that you want to flourish in your life, such as your love life, career, finances, home, car or any other things you wish to empower!

– Victoria Vives Khuong