wake-up-matrix It is time for Day 9…

We have been pulling away the veils of illusion one by one and today we are consolidating this 9 days as the foundation we will build upon.  So if you have NOT completed the previous days make sure to check them out here.

Also, I have a big surprise coming up for you.  Read on!

DAY 9: Waking Up

Yesterday, we were talking about the dream of the collective and its parallel with one of my favorite movies premiering today: The Matrix.  More about that in this video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8TYL2jH

I also invited you to be AWAKE through the day as if you have come up fresh straight from a tribe in the jungle and able to look at things without conditioning and to write about it.  Keeping in mind the things that you wrote, close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself birthing into this world with that ability, that vision that sees beyond our programming.  Allow your inner senses to be heighten.   How would things feel for you different from how they feel now?  Journal about this in detail and record anything that calls your attention.


Example:  Since I was small, my friends called me cookie monster because… well, I loved cookies and ate them non stop.  I was used to super sweet flavors, however, when I had my near death experience (drowning in the ocean) and I was able to have a second chance, most foods made me sick due to all the ocean water that had entered my system, so cookies were a no-no.  So I remember biting into a green apple, something I would have previously considered just too tart for me to swallow.  This time, I was in awe biting it, hearing its crunchy fresh sound as its juice refreshed me in a way I would NOT take for granted.  This perspective changed my life.


Well, I look forward to hearing how this process goes for you!

Also, I promised there was a surprise coming up:  I have a Christmas gift coming your way!!  So it will come on Christmas day, of course.  Any guesses as to what it might be?  Comment to let me know!  For certain, it will help you getting to the next step to move into your desired New Paradigm!!

See you tomorrow for Day 9!


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