quantumsoup We’re already on Day 8!

Yesterday, we reached a new layer, going from ancestral to collective.  We explored the segmentation that occurs in our society and how that can affect us on many levels

If you have NOT completed the previous days make sure to check them out, before reading this.  You can do so right here.

Now let’s continue with the collective!

DAY 8: The Dream of The Collective

As we explore the dream of the collective, I am reminded of one of my favorite movies of all times. It happens to premier tomorrow: The Matrix.

If we are to expand our potential into a new paradigm, we first need to awaken from the collective dream in which we have agreed on how numerous aspects of life are supposed to be, far beyond those tied to natural law.

For the next 24 hrs, I invite you to look into the world with new eyes.  I invite you to be AWAKE as you move beyond the veils of the dream we have agreed upon.  Imagine that you have come from a tribe in the jungle and are encountered with our civilization.  Which things would feel like unnatural and if they do, do they feel advantageous to your happiness and wellbeing?

This step will help you move closer to a clean slate so that in the remainder of our 12 Day process you can, as we say in shamanism, dream a new paradigm into reality.


Example: Yesterday, I was walking through the mall with my husband.  We entered a store with wigs of all colors, makeup of all kinds, adornments for the hair, eyelashes of all sizes, and all sorts of items to enhance beauty.  Some women might use some of these things on a daily basis or are even required to wear some of these things for work.  For a moment, I imagined that I was a wild woman coming from a tribe in the jungle and encountered this place with all these things that I had never seen and most likely would not know what to do with.  Wow!  I realized we could have really involved in any direction with different inventions and would all feel as natural as this store did before I embraced the wild woman.


I hope this process will be as eye opening for you as it was for me!  I would love to hear how your experience is!  Feel free to comment with your insight!

See you tomorrow for Day 9!


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