quantumsoup Ready for Day 7?

We have been doing extraordinary work these past days and we we are now on the home stretch to a new paradigm to facilitate greater heights of self actualization! The first three days of our journey took on an exploration of self while days four through six delved into our ancestral wounds. 

If you have NOT completed the previous days make sure to check them out, before reading on, right here.

For the third leg of our journey in these 12 Days for a New Paradigm, we will now turn our attention to the collective and begin healing on a community, societal and even global scale!

DAY 7: The Quantum Soup ~ Out of the Pot but Not into the Fire

I never liked the old proverb “Out of the pot and into the fire,” as it implies a lack of growth and potential.  So as part of the healing for day 7 we can use this to start transforming the collective perception.

As social beings, we have essentially been born into a “soup” of sorts that is made of culture, conditioning, and the general norms and expectations of our social circles.  By working on our personal conditioning as well as addressing our ancestral wounds, we now that the ability to rise above the “soup” so to speak and get a birds-eye view.

Today, set the intention of elevating your perspective.  You can envision that you are an eagle flying above your city, completely out of any idea of what civilization is…   What do you see? What ingredients do you see in this societal soup that might be best if left out or at least transformed into something more benign?

 Journal to later reflect upon your thoughts and realizations.


Example: In my own example, as I worked more on myself I became aware of this tendency of “pockets” or “bubbles” that form in the “soup.”  In other words the way we, as humans, organize ourselves tend to form echo chambers that serve to strengthen, reinforce, and validate our beliefs, even if they are damaging and/or untrue.  I began to see myself falling into these groups and conforming to them and seeing how the advent of social media made these “bubbles” even more pervasive and alluring.  By becoming aware of these bubbles, I began to develop a stronger sense of self and therefore a stronger ability to discern and think critically.


There is a deep connection between the personal, ancestral, and the collective and as we work on the final piece of the puzzle the powerful interplay between all three layers reveal themselves as an intricate tapestry.  The more we work on all the three layers, the clearer we start to see the grand scale, beauty, and infinite potential.

See you tomorrow for Day 8!


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