We are now right at the epicenter of our twelve days with the exploration of our lineage so, if you haven’t completed the previous two days, do that before to move any further.  You can do so right here.

We will complete our ancestral life transformation with its true potential.

DAY 6: Genealogy Potential

With the melting pot excitement of day 5, we turned the perspective around for ourselves.  In order to integrate this and tap into the benefits and potential that this would unfold, imagine how your past generations would have felt and acted with this new way of looking at things.  Which things would have been different and which potential that was then hidden and untapped is now available to you?

Close your eyes for a moment and allow the feeling of that potential to infuse each of your cells with the intention to tap into those powerful possibilities.  Once you are complete, feel free to journal so that you fully integrate this experience.


Example:  As the last part of my exploration through my ancestry, I envisioned what would have happened if my great-grandparents and grandparents felt comfortable with our heritage and openly shared it, even if just within our family.  I didn’t know about my heritage until my 20s and, once I knew about it, it helped me understand who I was and clarified questions I had carried thus far. This freedom from shame would have allowed for less wounds and traumatic experiences and that potential is still available today.


Wow!  You are half way through with the formation of this new paradigm.  Keep it up!  Tomorrow, we start a new segment with Day 7!  Looking forward to it!


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