Days one through three focused on personal life and, with day four, we started focusing on the extent of our lineage: our ancestral life.  If you have NOT completed the previous days make sure to check them out, before reading on, right here.

Your ancestral life allows for a deeper more powerful transformation.  Let’s continue this exciting healing journey!!

DAY 5: Lineage Curiosity

Yesterday, we identified an ancestral wound and journaled about it.  Today, we get to bring infinite new possibilities into the picture so that we go from wound to legacy.

Tapping into the power of your intuition or imagination, going back in time to the moment in which this ancestral wound might have emerged, what could have been the remedy to heal it?  What would other possibilities might have been that occurred around this theme and transfromed what was passed down to you?

Take a moment to journal all the ideas that come to you and leave this flow open throughout the day so that you gather as many possibilities as you can.


Example:  As I continue with my Jewish and German ancestry example, in one way or another my family merged what was considered opposing sides.  If I know something about my family is that we love to learn from different cultures (my mom married an African man, my dad, and I married an American Asian man).  What if my family would have been surrounded by people who enjoyed that melting pot?  The feeling of fighting against what is different would have turned into curiosity and a desire to learn from each other.  By applying this to my own self, I started being curious about both sides of my lineage and learning more about them.  From self-acceptance to excitement!


Now we have the foundation and the means to envision the next step: Integration.  That will be tomorrow on Day 6!

Can’t wait to share with you!!


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