ancestral Ready for Day 4?

Days one through three have been focused on your personal life.  If you have NOT completed the previous days make sure to check them out, before reading on, right here.

Your personal life is where the change starts but it’s only the beginning of this journey of transformation into a new and amazing paradigm of health, happiness, and fulfillment.

What influences your path since birth beyond that?  Let’s visit your ancestral paradigm!


DAY 4: Ancestor Vision

Imagine that you have a magical pair of eye glasses that, when you wear them, they allow you to see, feel, and think as your ancestors.

Your life, including your thoughts, feelings, culture, conditioning, way of perceiving is, in many ways, based on a foundation created by your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and their ancestors before them.  In effect, you are both the product and continued evolution of those who came before you, your lineage.

Now that you have these magical glasses that allow you to see through your collective ancestral lineage, what do you see?  Can you find a person or event that has left a dark and unresolved mark on your lineage that needs to be healed?

Once you have identified this ancestral wound, journal about it.  Examine it from an objective standpoint like a historian discovering a new culture.  Understanding how this wound is a part of your lineage is the first step to healing it.


Example: in my own lineage,  even though the details are unclear because some of the history has been lost or obscured by shame, I discovered that I had both Jewish and German ancestry.  Although the exact events are unknown to me, I am keenly aware of a wound surrounding my grandparents and great grandparents in relation to events around WWI.  Reflecting on this has helped me to understand how my personal identity and challenges in accepting myself have been influenced by my ancestors’ struggle with self acceptance.


Once we have clarity about our lineage, we will start the healing.  More about that on Day 5!

I would love to hear from you!!  Please do share 🙂  We heal together!!


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