Ready for Day 3?

If you have NOT completed Days 1 and 2, make sure to check them one out first right here.

Now that you have completed Day 2 you will begin to see amazing positive shifts in your life as you now have the power to navigate in much the same way that a sailor navigates the open water.

Now, we will forge ahead and design your perfect future.

DAY 3: A Bright Future

You have effectively swapped out the distorted lens through which you were viewing your past and have also transformed your present and expanded your awareness.  Now with this as a foundation, envision how your life can be different.  How does the positive transformation from Day 2 open doors for you to explore new possibilities?

As an example, by overcoming my rejection of muscularity, a new door to greater health, strength, and even beauty has opened for me.  I enjoy looking, feeling, and being fit and strong in a way that I could never have appreciated before.  Now I enjoy lifting weights and sprinting and the feeling of power and freedom that comes with having a strong body.  This appreciation has led to even more opportunities for happiness such as connecting with my husband through athletic activities and investing in my healthspan and lifespan.

What bright future do you see for yourself now?

I would love to hear from you!!  Please do share 🙂

See you tomorrow for Day 4!!!


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