12 Days New Paradigm

Ready for Day 2?

If you have NOT completed Day 1, make sure to check that one out first right here.

If you DID complete Day 1, congratulations!  Very few people truly dare to look into old pains with the intention to transform them, so you are doing great work here and advancing strongly, one step at a time!

Today, we will take it to the next level and you will have the opportunity to feel a good amount of releasing old stuff in order to experience lightness like never before.


DAY 2: A Loving Perspective

You have now reflected upon an experience that was preventing you from self-actualizing your true self, journaled about it, and observed how it affects you in your day to day life.  It is now time to transform it!

Considering the subject at hand, what would have been your ideal experience so that, instead to limit you, it would empower you?  One of the most powerful ways to do this:

Imagine that the negative experience was not yours but something that a child was experiencing and you were there to comfort them.  What would you say to this child?  Then, say that to yourself, from your adult perspective today to your inner child aspect, intervening to love and protect yourself.

NOTE: writing it on your journal is important so that you can implement the next step tomorrow.

Throughout the day, you might receive further inspiration, so gather as much material for transformation as you can and add them to your journal.

Example: For me, coming back to my example about having more muscle than I wanted, I would tell this child that muscles made her strong and beautiful.  Healthier and capable to do more things.  I would tell her that stereotypes come and go and that different cultures have different perspectives.

And what would you say to yourself?  I would love to hear from you!!  Please do share 🙂

See you tomorrow for Day 3!!!


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