new paradigm It is time for Day 12…

We have been on a powerful journey across, time, space, and imagination as we prepare for the finale, a new paradigm in our lives where we shed limitation and open endless possibilities. 

The time has come to pull together all that we have learned and accomplished together so if you have NOT completed the previous days make sure to do so here.

DAY 12: Your Own New Paradigm

Your new paradigm starts with a declaration of your new life vision.  This will include the information that you gathered these past 9 days: your personal, ancestral, and collective ideals that can transform your life for the better.  Your new paradigm declaration can contain as much information and details as you wish.

In addition to your written declaration, you can include images and colors.   I recommend creating a vision board with both words, color and imagery that inspire you and connect you with the insights and transformations you have achieved.

Once you have your written declaration, read it out loud in front of the mirror to continue the momentum and feeding the intention with inspiration and commitment.  This is a seed that you must nurture and care for daily so that it may sprout, grow, and eventually blossom!


Example: In my own life, perhaps one of the most striking examples of this process in action was my shift from serial relationships to connecting with the love of my life.

I was fed up and done with the pain and shallowness that came with uncommitted relationships.  I was ready to build a future with my soul mate.  I just had to find him.  I went through a similar, but more intensive, process of self discovery, transformation, and manifestation and it was thanks to both clearing past conditioning plus creating new possibilities that I finally recognized my future husband in one of the people in my circles.  An extraordinary chain of events had been started through this process and it ultimately lead to love, marriage, and our unconditional commitment to one another!



Do let me know how it goes for you!!  Super exciting!

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It was such an honor to connect with you for 12 days straight.  Much love and many bright blessings!!


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