wake-up-matrix It is time for Day 11…

Oh my goodness…  We are about to complete our 12 days of transformation!!  So if you have NOT completed the previous days make sure to do that now.  Just click right here.

Yesterday, we tapped into emotion and energy with the first part of The Red Pill: remembering empowering times in your life.  Today we will continue with the second part of this section.

DAY 11: The Oracle

We have explored the realms of our personal perspective, ancestry, and collective, but what is there is more?  Continuing in the theme of The Matrix, we are going to break the boundaries by visiting The Oracle.

Imagine yourself as Neo or Trinity visiting The Oracle and knowing that she can give you insight and information about things beyond you don’t consider as possible, opening a door to new opportunities that might not become apparent otherwise.

Close your eyes and see yourself arriving to The Oracle’s building, taking the elevator and knocking at the door.  As you enter, other people with incredible gifts are there but you are the one who has the appointment with The Oracle.  You proceed to the room where The Oracle will receive you and…

…what is the most fascinating thing that she could tell you which would push your limiting beliefs just enough while staying into your truth?  Allow to mind to be open to what is possible.  Several ideas might come.  Don’t censor them, just imagine what that would look like and stay with the one which rings true to you and that is both far enough to be worth pursuing but close enough so that you can achieve it.  Feel it as true even if for a moment and then, you guessed it, write it on your journal in great detail, as we will need it for our completion on day 12!


Example: For this example, I will go back to one of my first experiences opening to possibilities I had not been aware of. In this case, my Oracle would be my aunt, back in Spain. In a time when I was working in entertainment, I was performing in one gig or another but without enough continuity or transcendence. One day, my aunt gave me a cutting from a newspaper with a casting call for models for a new and innovative TV channel. I was not very sure that I would be a good fit but, for some reason, my aunt was certain that it was worth the try, so I made it to the call. Not only they hired me but this TV channel became one of the main ones in Spain and I became a regular in prime time television! Here is a picture of me in one of the shows, I’m the one to the very left (mage by Telecinco.es).  My aunt saw what I couldn’t see.


Wow!  This exercise never ceases to amaze me.  How was your experience!  I would love to hear!!

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See you tomorrow for your NEW PARADIGM completion in Day 12!


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