wake-up-matrix Before we get started with Day 10…

…a reminder that there will be a surprise gift especially for you on the 25th!  Also, if you found value in this transformational process and want to go deeper, there are many ways in which my community can support you, the most powerful one being our Earth Angel Collective and The Divine Sexuality Sisterhood.

I will share more about these soon and also, feel free to book a call with us for more information.  We are here for you!

In the past 9 days, we have moved beyond limitations at three powerful levels: 1) Personal 2) Ancestral 3) Collective, so if you have NOT completed the previous days make sure to check them out here.

DAY 10: The Red Pill

Today is the moment of truth and we are faced with a choice: will we embrace a deeper truth or will we stay in the confinements of our old paradigm?  It is time for the red pill!

Nothing that you have done will work without taking the step, the leap of faith, into your desire new paradigm.  Nobody can cross that door for you.  You are the only one that has that power.

We are going to do this in 3 powerful steps.

The first one is to remember a time in your life when you achieved something you wanted.  Something that made you excited and that empowered you.  Then, you are going to choose a song that enhances that feeling and even gather images or objects that are connected to that memory.  You are gathering the forces of accomplishment so that, at a visceral level, you know that you are capable to accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind to!  We will be using this tomorrow to build upon it!  I am getting super super excited right now!  Yee-pee!  It will be phenomenal!!!


Example: Ok, so I am already feeling a powerful transformation from this.  If you watched my TikTok yesterday, I was sharing that I was feeling a little stuck.  After watching The Matrix Resurrections, I decided to put together my kind of “vision board” by creating a video reminding me of my martial arts story and how I was able to achieve things by believing and surrounding myself with inspiration.  So I looked for images, memories, and a song that activates me for them to be part of this. You can watch it here: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8T58MT5

Can’t wait to put all of this to work with the step tomorrow!!


Excited for this step in your journey!!  YAYY!! See you tomorrow for Day 11!


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