12 Days New Paradigm

Hello Beautiful Soul!

With all that has happened these last two years, we are emerging into a completely new experience. However, we have the risk of repeating old stories unless we review, understand, and move beyond the conditioning that shapes the way in which we perceive our past history, present reality, and future possibilities.

Today, we will start reclaiming our freedom to choose a new paradigm by looking at the roots of what took us where we are today…


DAY 1: Perception of Your Past History ~Lifetime

There are two aspects of your past history and we will start with the experiences from birth to today, your lifetime.

What is one thing that you experienced that still has a grasp on you to this day, preventing you from self-actualizing your true self?

Take a moment to write about it on your journal.  It is important to note the specific situation or situations in which it occurred and the feelings that arise from that experience.  Take a moment to feel whatever emotions come up for you as you reflect and write about it and then, let it go, knowing that the process of its transformation is underway from today until Day 2 in which we will transform that energy.


Powerful Insight:

12 Days New Paradigm

This time frame will give you an opportunity to gain profound clarity as to how this has been affecting you.  Allow this awareness and insight to be revealed during your daily activities but, instead of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, set the intent to observe them from a grounded place, just as the witness.  Often, we want to bury our emotions without allowing ourselves to grieve or, on the contrary, we might dwell too much on them.  This time is going to be different in that we are just the witness taking account of our experience and expanding our awareness of ourselves and our psyche.  This is all you need in order to have the first step in this transformational experience that we will complete with step 2 tomorrow.


Example: For me, I grew up as a black girl surrounded by white people even within my household, with the German/Spanish side of my family.  Everyone around me, even on television and magazines, was different in many ways and, over the years, I had accepted and embraced my uniqueness.  However, there was something that I was still stuck with:  I avoided exercising too much in order to have less muscle.  My white friends growing up were all thin with naturally less muscle than myself and, to make things even worse, the standard of beauty at the time was that of being very slender and delicate.  I felt negatively judged because of my naturally athletic build.  This made me feel inadequate without a way to resolve it since it was my nature and this made me feel sad and less than.

Today I will reflect upon visible signs that emerge from this negative conditioning and you can do the same so that tomorrow we, together, turn things around!!

Can’t wait to connect with you tomorrow for Day 2!!!

Feel free to comment here or on my Instagram 12 Days post to share your realizations.  I am here for you!


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