Merry Christmas!!!!

If you enjoy Christmas as much as I do…  You may enjoy SINGING CHRISTMAS CAROLS!

Music is one of the beautiful things in this Universe that helps us come together and evoke beautiful memories.  Many neighborhoods come together into a choir to share the Christmas cheer!  I encourage you to try that out, as it brings a great feeling of communion and helps to get to know the people around you.

It brings me great happiness to remember beautiful moments singing with Natascha Bolden-Neuling and with the Women’s Ensemble, bringing our love to others through vocal harmonies! With Love, Victoria.

Natascha and I actually recorded two songs thanks to Nathan Hemmens from Super Star Productions. You can check them out in the audio players below!Two classics.  Essential songs for any Christmas celebration. Bring home the warmth of bright holidays and loving family reunions.  Featuring Natascha Bolden and yours truly, Victoria Vives. Silent Night is performed in a beautiful combination of harmonies in English and Spanish. A unique piece!


Download SILENT NIGHT for only $0.99


Download O HOLLY NIGHT for only $0.99