J’aime Treestone Marx

Jaime TreeStone has had a powerful connection with Helping Spirits, Tree People and Power Animals since childhood. She has practiced Alchemy, Sufi dancing, Taoism, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Tibetan Buddhism and Dances of Universal Peace. She then discovered shamanic practice, which fulfilled her wish for a path that helped others and honored the connection of all things. She now embraces  Bhakti Yoga, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Shamanic journeying and healing, Medicine Wheel practice, and devotion to the Goddess Isis which for J’aime started in 2013.
Jaime loves to connect with plant and animal people, and practice mantras of gratitude and devotion. She especially loves leading drumming circles and drumming for others to journey. Jaime offers sessions that combine Shamanic Healing, Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing; these sessions can include Reiki healing attunement, Shamanic extraction of negative energy, and Shamanic retrieval of lost soul energy.
Jaime completed the Shamanic Roots “Shamanic Healer Mentorship” with Victoria Vives Khuong in 2017 and Usui Reiki Master Teacher/Holy Fire training in 2018.  She is currently attending the “2 Yr Shamanic Teacher Training”

Classes with J’aime Treestone Marx: