QHHT Hypnotherapy, Age and Past Life Regression and EFT Sessions

QHHT​ Hypnotherapy session​s include​:

  1. ​Age Regression
  2. Past Life Regression
  3. Life Between Lives
  4. ​Connection with the Superconsicous / Subconscious
  5. Connection with Star Families​ and Guides
  6. Quantum Healing

​​​The price for this session is ​$250 FLAT for a 2.5 hrs​ and you can bring a list of questions or issues you want to resolve or work on.


2.5 hr approx. session




Would you like to LIVE FULLY, free from limitations from past trauma or negative conditioning?

You are a walking representation of your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind stores all the experiences from your past, limiting your present every time that an old painful memory is triggered, even if you don’t consciously remember it.

We can transform this together!  With Hypnotherapy, Age and Past Life Regression and Emotional Freedom Techniques, you will easily access and transform any trauma or negative conditioning stored in your subconscious mind and connect with your own Higher Wisdom for direct guidance, discovering the truth of who you truly are at the core.


  • Healing of deep emotional wounds
  • Self Confidence
  • Connecting with you Higher Wisdom
  • Healing/integration of your Shadow Self
  • Wealth and Abundance
  • Weight Loss and Fitness
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Peak Performance
  • Stress Release and Deep Relaxation
  • Much more!

You can also choose a 90 min Hypnotherapy and Regression:

1 – 90 min Session ~ $195

Most people report that Hypnotherapy has taken them to the most peaceful state they have ever experience.

Now it is your opportunity to experience it.

I look forward to meeting with you!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

Victoria Vives Khuong



“My weekly EFT and Hypnotherapy sessions with Victoria have really opened up my eyes to see the layers hidden deep within me.  In just three weeks I have connected with myself in ways I couldn’t imagine with such a gentle, yet effective approach.  Victoria has helped me to find a deeper sense of happiness and meaning.  I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a powerful and profound light being.  Thank you, Victoria!” – Jordan

“During my session, Victoria guided me to a place of soul freedom that I’m sure has always hindered me in many of my lives.  I feel renewed from Heaven to Earth and what lies between… and that’s me!  A healer, and whole standing in my own truth, overstanding what God’s purpose is for me here and what I am… That’s powerful!  Namaste with healing breaths.” –  Julie Evonne Washington

“The EFT & hypnotherapy techniques that Victoria used were very powerful & helpful to my situation.  I left feeling uplifted and with each day that has now passed the uplifting feeling has continued to increase.  Thank you Victoria.” – Arlene