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Ho’oponopono is a traditional spiritual practice from Hawaian Shamanism (Huna / Kahuna) that promotes forgiveness.  The word “Ho’oponopono” means to correct or make right, to bring back to balance.

“The process begins with prayer. A statement of the problem is made, and the transgression discussed. Family members are expected to work problems through and cooperate, not “hold fast to the fault”. One or more periods of silence may be taken for reflection on the entanglement of emotions and injuries. Everyone’s feelings are acknowledged. Then confession, repentance and forgiveness take place. Everyone releases (kala) each other, letting go. They cut off the past (ʻoki), and together they close the event with a ceremonial feast, called pani, which often included eating limu kala or kala seaweed, symbolic of the release.” [*]

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, shares this technique as a tool that we can use anytime that we find ourselves in a challenge, tempted to blame something or someone outside of us for our feelings.  Instead, he recommends going within, becoming 100% responsible for what is happening in our lives, understanding that in some way we have created it.

He explains that when we look at someone and feeling distress, we are not seeing their real essence, which is pure light. We look at the other through memories from the past that are continuously replaying in our subconscious minds, thus blocking the light and not letting us see that everything is a creation of the Divine, and therefore perfect.

If you would like to practice Ho’oponopono in any time of disharmony, just change any complains or blaming for the following mantra:

I love you (because you are light, a creation of the Divine)
I’m sorry (for projecting replaying memories on you and not seeing you for what you truly are)
Please forgive me (for doing this)
Thank you (for the opportunity of cleaning/healing those memories and projections)

Simple, yet extremely powerful.  Why?  Read on…

There was a mental institution in Hawaii where people with criminal tendencies were assigned, having some of them even committed murder.  These patients had to be sedated and restrained due to their continues attacks to the staff members.

Dr. Hew Len was asked to work in this facility and he accepted.  However, he didn’t work directly with the patients, and instead, he asked for a room where he could be alone looking over the patients’ files.  He took 100% responsibility for any way in which he created the experience of these mentally ill criminals in his life.  Knowing that all memories are shared, he asked himself “what is going on in me that I experience the hospital in this way?”

In a few years, all patients were released and the place was shut down.

If just one person can shut down a mental institution by taking 100% responsibility, imagine how you can transform your life!

Ho’oponopono can be practiced in any situation.  You don’t need to enter into a meditative state, but just repeat the words mentally in your everyday life, at any time in which you feel distress.  So I encourage you to add this powerful technique to your tool belt.  You will be impressed by the results!

[* The above quotation is an excerpt from]

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