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Our thinking, beliefs, and choice of words influence how we do things in life. It could be our source of inspiration or a hindrance to doing great things. Reaching our life’s purpose does not all depend on the circumstances of our birth but on our attitude towards certain aspects of our lives.

Thoughts of hopelessness and not being enough make up the self-limiting beliefs in our lives. They will act as a barrier between us and our actual potential. Negative thoughts slow us from moving forward, but we can learn how to break through them and turn them into inspiration.

Fear based thoughts

It is natural for everyone to experience fear, even though fear can help us in some of life’s situations. However, there are negative thoughts that come with fear, either from rejection, insecurities, or other past experiences. Fear-based thinking can be caused by fear-induced situations, which sometimes can help us develop character, but they should not lock us within  limiting boundaries.

Trying new things and asking questions allow room for growth and can help us move forward. Thinking about past experiences without moving on keeps us worrying about what could go wrong instead of focusing on what is actually on the table.

Our beliefs and thoughts becoming a reality

When we think negatively, we might fear our thoughts manifesting themselves. Negative manifestation can come as a result of all thinking being about failure.

Having a clear vision of what we want in life keeps us on track to achieving our goals. We can focus on the end goal with each step we take in our journey.

Self-limiting beliefs and fear can leave us discouraged, attracting negative people and experiences, and thinking about what could go wrong, day in and day out. This can become a regular cycle and can later become a reality manifesting itself through failed projects and other challenges.

Moving past self-limiting beliefs

Here are some steps that can help you move past self-limiting beliefs:

Step 1: Pinpoint your self-limiting beliefs

Identifying your self-limiting beliefs is the first step. It will even help you realize self-limiting beliefs you never knew you had. To get started, just take a deep breath and listen to your thoughts to identify them and write them down as they come.

Step 2: Contemplate the extent of their impact on your life

Think about how those self-limiting beliefs have affected you in the past and in the now. Are there opportunities you missed as a result of self-doubt? How much time did you lose worrying? Self-limiting beliefs are costly and evaluating their impact on your life can inspire you to let go of them so that you get back to your winning track.

Step 3: Identify the source of your self-limiting beliefs

There are various sources from where these beliefs may come, including fear, social norms, family beliefs, or negative experiences. The best way to move past them is to address the negative emotions from their source or root cause.

Step 4: Question your self-limiting beliefs

Questioning your self-limiting beliefs can help you check whether there are any facts to support them. You will find that many of them do not have any facts to make them valid but are just opinions or impressions that you can transform.

Step 5: Adopt self-freeing beliefs

The only way to move forward now is to change your beliefs and start practicing self-freeing beliefs. Our minds can only replace anything with something. Replace negative thinking with positive thinking to be able to move forward, and you will realize it was nothing but fear or mere beliefs.

Natural emotional energy healing

Energy healing is a highly beneficial and effective form of healing. Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamanism, Sound Healing and other Energy Healing forms offer techniques that do wonders, releasing blocks from your body and restoring and replenishing your energy.

Energy healing sessions are very effective for individuals who struggle with self-limiting beliefs. They are also the best alternative for anyone who has struggled with self-limiting beliefs for a long period of time and is ready for a change.

Self-limiting beliefs or negative emotions can significantly impact our physical, mental, and emotional health. They result in poor gut health, depression, and emotional burnout. When they are released from our thoughts, we are likely to welcome self-freeing beliefs and have a better experience in future events.

You can complement energy healing sessions with therapies and other medical solutions for a comprehensive approach.