My Holiday Gifts to YOU!

Happy Holiday Season!

When I embarked on my healing journey, I realized that every time I focused on learning more about healing, it was both a gift to myself and also a gift to those around me.

I could feel the immense impact that it had on my life and how I was able to contribute to the world at large, by changing hatred for love, pain for bliss, alienation for Oneness…

With the need for healing in our world today, this path has brought me to a position where I can give to others at many levels and I trust the same will be available to you if that is your wish.

I would like to contribute to your healing journey today if you would allow me and make that my Holiday Gift to you.

I am thrilled to gift you:


Whether you choose the gift of healing for yourself or someone you know who may need it, we will all receive the blessings!  These Gift are available until December 27th 2015.

Also, most class and program rates will increase on January 1st, but you can book any 2016 classes now in order to keep 2015 prices.

Below you will find the 2016 calendar of events.

Have a wondrous Holiday Season!

Love and Blessings,

Victoria Vives Khuong

2 0 1 6 . C A L E N D A R


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