Happy New Year, Beautiful Soul!Reiki Wellbeing crystal grid 2020

Wishing you and your family the most amazing, joyful, and prosperous year ever!

It has been amazing to hear from so many of you adding powerful intentions of healing and prosperity to our crystal grid these past 12 days. (See photo to the right)

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2020 Prosperity:

I shared the 12 Days of Prosperity as another stream of positive energy for inspiration and motivation in your life but doesn’t have to end there. These are powerful strategies that you can use all year long. Check out the 12 Days of Prosperity recap below.Business Success for Healers

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By the way, in Spain we actually celebrate the 3 Kings on the night of the 5th. Since some of you contacted me last night to see if you could still be included in the Crystal Grid, I will offer an encore and extend the healing opportunity until the night of the 5th 🙂



Summary of the 12 Days of Prosperity with links:

DAY 1: Accepting Yourself ~ Let go of any feelings that are holding you back to embrace the person you know you can become.

DAY 2: Your Money Story ~ Open the doors to creating a new and better story around money.

DAY 3: Spiritual Fitness ~ Strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual fitness!

DAY 4: Soul Family ~ The love and support of your soul family is a powerful foundation for your health, wealth, and prosperity.

DAY 5: Positive Yet Grounded ~ Optimism with a balanced approach can propel your success to the next level!

DAY 6: Giving and Receiving ~  There is no receiving without giving.  How are you honoring both?

DAY 7 : Know What You Want ~ Distracted by immediate needs?  Laser focus your mind on your greater vision!

DAY 8: Action Hero ~ Whch actions can you take now to get your momentum started for a new year of prosperity?

DAY 9: Way of the Bouncing Ball ~ Learning how to be resilient beyond any challenges.

DAY 10: Celebrate the Wins! ~ No win is too small, celebrate each step in the journey!

DAY 11: Autopilot Prosperity ~ Invest in yourself for a higher quality and richer mind to improve your results and experience of life.

DAY 12: Leap of Courage ~ Are you ready to jump into the void?

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See you very soon!

– Victoria Vives Khuong