1. Gold Sheen Obsidian ~ Wisdom, see beyond the veil
  2. Black Kyanite ~ Deep cleansing
  3. Black Tourmaline ~ Grounding, pain relief and protection
  4. Blue Chalcedony var. of Quartz ~ Celestial angelic peace
  5. Purple Fluorite ~ Clarity, discernment, protection from EMF (electromagnetic fields)
  6. Tanzanite Aura ~ Deepens intuition
  7. Clear Quartz ~ Store information, amplify energy and healing
  8. Golden Optical Calcite ~ Distance healing, high vibration, intuition, see
  9. Black Tourmaline ~ Grounding, pain relief and protection
  10. Midnight Lace Obsidian ~ Connect with innate knowledge
  11. Lemon Quartz ~ Positive enriching thinking
  12. Green Fluorite ~Detoxification
  13. Aquamarine ~ Purity, serenity, connect with Water spirits (the peacemakers)
  14. Pure Tanzanite ~High state of consciousness
  15. Blue Kyanite ~ Faith, truth, cleansing
  16. Kunzite (raw) ~ Heart healer
  17. Kunzite (polished) ~ Heart healer

See the quiz images at https://crystalhealer.org/crystal-quiz

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