REIKI and Energy Healing Certification Classes and Gatherings

1 Yr ENERGY HEALER Apprenticeshipan image with a three different pictures and a text at the top entitled Energy Healing Apprectiiceship

This includes Reiki Master Certification and many of the classes below, plus the 12 Masters Self Purification Method (In-depth healing EXCLUSIVE for the Apprenticeship group) and incorporates specialized physical training methods to maximize your potential to become a powerful Healer.  Learn more:

  1. 1 Yr Energy Healer Apprenticeship

REIKI Certification and Classes (Usui with Holy Fire)
an image with a chinese and english language text written Reiki Level IIIan image with a chinese and english language text written Reiki Level IIan image with a chinese and english language text written Reiki Level 1

  1. REIKI Level I Certification
  2. REIKI Level II Certification
  3. 4 months practicing period in which most people take Crystal Healing
  4. REIKI Master ART III Certification
  5. REIKI Master Teacher Certification
  6. REIKI Share

a picture of a two women in a room the old women is lying with a violet towel on her face while the other women is standing beside her praying for her

  1. Sound Healing Level I Certificationan image with five different pictures a bronze bell, a white jar, a buddha with candles lights etc
  2. Sound Healing Level II Certification
  3. Sound Healing Level III Certification
  4. 2-Hr Sound Healing workshop

PSYCHIC READER Certification and Classes

  1. Automatic Writing & Third Eye Activationan image with a text on the top and a picture a god in the left side and a heling crystal ball in the middle and three different cards in te right side
  2. The Akashic Records
  3. Aura Readings and Aura Healing
  4. Pendulum & Life Path Readings
  5. Tarot Meanings for Readings
  6. Progress into Vocal Channeling and receive your Certification (all other classes in this series are required in order to attend this one) Certification (Extrasensory Development Level I which includes Akashic Records)

Shamanism Intensives and Classesan image of a women wearing a pink t-shirt and a short red lower standing on a rock while rasing both her hands in the mountain

  1. 2-Day Shamanic Workshop
  2. Advanced Shamanic Training
  3. Shamanic Drumming Circle
  4. Online Shamanic Workshop

REIKI Ryoho Certification

  1. Shoden REIKI Ryoho Level I Certification
  2. Okuden REIKI Ryoho Level II Certification
  3. Shinpiden REIKI Ryoho Level III Certification

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Certification

  1. EFT Level I Certification
  2. EFT Level II Certification with the Source Technique TM
  3. EFT Level III Certification with the Source Technique TM
  4. EFT Level IV Certification with the Source Technique TM

The Sacred Union & Sacred Sexuality Training

  1. Awaken The Goddess Within ~ In person
  2. Awaken The Goddess Within ~ Online

Plant Medicine Certification

  1. Plant Medicine Certification

2016 Mt Shasta Retreat

  1. Divine Starlight Healing Retreat


  1. Contact me for details about the Starseed Series

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See video and text testimonials at

“Because of my desire to learn more about myself and expand both my awareness and potential, I’ve been drawn to look at so many different courses, but they just felt bland and lifeless. Once I found Victoria’s classes, I knew that it was exactly the training I have been looking for. Victoria is a natural teacher and spiritual guide with a special charisma and energy that makes learning easy, engaging, and fun. Most importantly, her genuine, warm and loving personality creates a sense of being amongst family and close friends.

Victoria uses a unique holistic approach in her course that I’ve only seen with the best teachers, drawing on all the senses for a truly multi-modal experience. In this way, she gives texture to the ethereal so that it is easy to experience and understand. As a psychologist and teacher, myself, constantly looking to improve my own abilities, Victoria is an inspiration and ideal role model.

I not only recommend Victoria’s courses but also believe that the love and inner harmony awakened by her training are essential to anyone interested in living a happy and fulfilling life.”
– Alicia

“During our Reiki class, Victoria answered and resolved all of our questions (which were many), dedicating all the necessary time to us. I greatly enjoyed her professional manners and her adaptability in meeting all of our group needs. I especially enjoyed the possibility of practicing everything we learned under Victoria’s advice and supervision.”
– Martha

“This class was intense and wonderful! I had a little experience with Reiki and thought I had the basic handle on it, but what Victoria taught me was very thorough, strong, and beautiful! 95% was all new information! Victoria has very gentle loving energy, and upon first meeting her, (me being skeptical of all teachers), she instantly had my respect and it didn’t falter once. She’s very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone. All in all, the experience was amazing and I encourage anyone reading this to try it out for themselves! 5 stars easily!!”
– Anastasia

“I am very happy to have had Victoria as a teacher for reiki certification. It has been a very enriching experience at a personal and spiritual level”
– Maria

“I had great time and experience in the very comfortable environment. I learned a lot and I felt so right attending this class. Thank you, Victoria for organizing this great meetup and class! I will come back to join the more upcoming meet up with you!!”
– Nozomi