Today is the big day! Like a butterfly emerging from it’s chrysalis or cocoon, you have now laid a foundation of spiritual preparation and transformation to manifest your best year yet!  Today you emerge from your spiritual chrysalis!!

In reality, life itself is a constant emergence and transformation.  Our 5 Day Spiritual Chrysalis Process simply serves a potent catalyst and symbolic metamorphosis to be in new and powerful place of creativity and forward moving energy!

Manifesting Ceremony

For this ceremony, your envisioning board from Day 4  represents all the best energies and experiences gathered from the past year which we will then use to power a beautiful transformation TODAY!

  1. Choose a peaceful space, it could be a space in nature or, if you cleared a room on Day 2, it could be the that room.
  2. Take 3 deep breaths while holding your envisioning board in front of you and at the completion of the third breath open your eyes and peacefully look at your envisioning board allowing its energy and positivity and inspiration to radiate and infuse you like a beautiful sun until you receive an action step for you to take this year to manifest this into reality.
  3. Write it down any information you received.
  4. Do the same 2 more times so that you have a total of 3 action steps
  5. Take your 3 steps within the next 30 days!

You can repeat this process each month for the best results!  Please share your results!  I am SO excited to hear from you!!!

BEST WISHES AND Blessings!!!!

~ Victoria


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