So now that you have completed the Releasing Ceremony, your Space Clearing, and your Appreciation Bath, you have gathered all the positive energy needed and you are ready for the Envisioning Ceremony!!

Envisioning Ceremony

In order to know where you are going, it is important to know from where you are coming from.  By focusing on the life lessons that have helped us and positive experiences, we establish that we are coming from a good place and headed towards a better place.

For this next leg of the journey to be optimized, we are going to gather:

  1. The list you made of what you learned during the challenges in the Release Ceremony
  2. A small meaningful item that you kept during the Space Clearing Process
  3. A list of all the positive things that you remembered during the Appreciation Bath
  4. A pen, paper, and (optionally) an assortment of colored pencils or markers

Take a moment to go into meditation and keep the items you gathered close to you or hold them in your hands.  As you are in meditation, ask your Higher Self to reveal to you the next steps in your journey that will bring you closer to self actualization.

The information may come as an image, a metaphor, a feeling…

Stay in this meditative state for at least 15 min as more information may come to you the longer you stay.  Then, when you are complete, immediately record all that your Higher Self communicated.  It is important to do this as soon as you open your eyes so that you can retain all the information whether in writing, drawing or both.  The more elaborate that you make it, the better.  The more details that you add into it reflecting all the energy and information you have received, the more it will help you accomplishing an amazing year!  Make it into a representation of the energies and events you want to see occurring in this year.

We will work with this envisioning board tomorrow for the completion!!


Blessings, Victoria.


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