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Spiritual Chrysalis Process Day 3

Now that we have released our attachments to who we were and have initiated a clearing of that which no longer serves our greater purpose, we are ready to focus on creating the new path ahead.

We are now on Day 3 of the Spiritual Chrysalis Process emphasizing appreciation as a way to tune our spiritual compasses to show us the way to our greatest joy.  Similarly to how a butterfly pupa recreates itself with all the nutrition and ingredients it has consumed as a caterpillar, reflecting on our blessings and accomplishments from the past Christmas serves as spiritual nutrition and ingredients to manifest our greatest self.

The Appreciation Bath

Answer the following questions based on your experiences from this past Christmas season.  Feel free to share your answers with others, on your social media, or as a comment here, as a declaration and affirmation of your brightest self, as well as to invite others to follow this reflection process themselves.

  1. What new skill, talent or pearl of knowledge did you learned that made a significant difference in your Christmas?
  2. What inspired you to overcome when you encountered challenges?
  3. What moment from the past Christmas season will you share with your kids or the generations to come?
  4. What did you positive quality did you discover about yourself this past Christmas that you did not realize before?
  5. What single achievement are you most proud of accomplishing this Christmas?
  6. What was the best news you received this Christmas season?
  7. What, or who, are you most thankful for having in your life this Christmas?
  8. What 5 people did you most enjoy spending time with this Christmas season?
  9. What was the funniest moment of your Christmas season?

Take a moment to bathe in the bliss from these things you enjoyed in the past Christmas season.  In order to open the door to more of the experiences that you want.  It is absolutely essential to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate the wins.

Blessings, Victoria

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