Did you enjoy performing the Release Ceremony?

Releasing attachments is an important process that needs to be completed before effectively moving forward. Imagine if a caterpillar was too attached to being a caterpillar and was not willing to release that stage in its life? It would never achieve its fullest potential and life purpose as a butterfly!

So, now that you have initiated the process of release, the next step in the Chrysalis Process is to cleanse. We will do this via a space clearing process.

The following steps will guide you through a Space Clearing Process to cleanse energies within an important space in your home in order to further facilitate personal transformation.

Space Clearing Process

Choose an area of your home where you feel you need to move energy and clear stagnation. Whether it is a closet or a room or cabinet… empty it COMPLETELY and then look through all that was there.

Just this step of the Chrysalis Process helped me immensely in my life, bringing complete transformation and I would not be where I am today if not for this! The energy that we place in things can either support our path or keeps us captive, so this clearing can have monumental effects!

We will stay with the idea of the closet as an example. Now that you have emptied it, continue by clearing the energy of the empty space with sage or in any way you feel called to.

How does it feel?

Sit in meditation/reflection feeling the clear space you have created. This emptiness is alike to the void and it allows space for you to bring in only what you choose, free of stagnation, obstacles and clutter.

Once you are complete with this reflection and have connected with the feeling of space to allow choice, look through all the items you had in the closet and separate them into 4 groups using the following criteria:

  • Group 1: You love it and it brings you good energy and memories.
  • Group 2: You love it but it brings you bad energy and memories.
  • Group 3: You don’t enjoy wearing it anymore but it gives you good energy and memories.
  • Group 4: You don’t enjoy wearing and it gives you bad energy and memories.

Great! Now that your have your four groups of items, take the following ACTIONS!

  • Group 1: Take it back in the closet to bring light into it. Optional: bless it by smudging with palo santo or in any way you feel called to.
  • Group 2: Clear it by smudging with sage, or sound healing, or in any way you feel called to. and meditate on it to see if it truly belongs with you or whether it is time to let it go.
  • Group 3: Store it in a box that you can put away and access if needed. If after a year you did not wear it, then you can take a picture of it and gift it away if you feel it is time to let it go.
  • Group 4: Clear it by smudging with sage, or sound healing, or in any way you feel called to and take it to Goodwill or give it to someone who needs it.

Now you are ready to put everything back into your closet or area of your house! Feel the transformation!!

Blessings, Victoria

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