A caterpillar lives the majority of its life with a singular purpose: to consume and grow in preparation for its metamorphosis.

As humans, this is akin to our daily life as we work, consume, save, plan, and grow in preparation of achieving our dreams and goals. Throughout the past year, we have all amassed an abundance of experiences that are taking us to our greatest potential. These experiences are not always pleasant and can range from happy and wonderful to painful and tragic. Ultimately they all build our character and deepen our understanding of ourselves and our purpose.

Like a caterpillar becoming a chrysalis, in preparation of transforming its old body into a new one, we must first process our past experiences and our old self in order to begin creating our new self.

The following steps will guide your through a releasing ceremony to lay the foundation for this critical process of transformation.

  • Step 1: Make a list of the challenges you experienced in the past year
  • Step 2: On a new piece of paper, write what you have learned from each of those challenges. This is the blessing and wisdom that the challenge has brought into your life. If it is difficult to find the positive, work with this mantra https://victoriavives.com/miracle-mantra
  • Step 3: Release Ceremony: safely burn the paper with the challenges. Keep the one with the blessings because we will work with it later in our process!

Blessings, Victoria

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