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Hi Beautiful Soul!

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The Celestial Pillar

Today we will explore The Celestial Pillar and Three Surefire ways to Connect with Your Star Family!

The Celestial Pillar embodies the subject that many Healers have the greatest challenge in relating to others with a mainstream mindset.

It is that part of us that is nourished by our Star Family and connects us with a universal consciousness beyond what can be described in common terms.

If you have this connection, and all Healers typically do, it is absolutely essential to tend to it in order to reach your fullest and greatest potential as a positive force in the Universe.

Even if you do not relate as a Starseed or are still in the early stages of your journey and are unsure whether you have any connections with the Star Nations, exploring a relationship with the Celestial Pillar is still of great value as the Earth is, by default, part of a greater Galactic family.

The following are three surefire ways to strengthen your connection to your Star Family and the Greater Galactic Consciousness:

• The Night Sky
• Star Talismans
• Connecting with other Starseeds


Humans have been observing and deciphering the night skies for millennia and many, if not most, of our ancient ancestors related to Star Families through creation stories and other cultural mythologies. Modern humans have all but lost this connection and restoring this knowledge and understanding is part of the Starseed’s purpose.

Simply observing the skies on clear nights, preferably without industrial light pollution, will strengthen this connection. Allow yourself to wonder, imagine, and know the truth.

If you have the opportunity to experience a guided CE-5 experience you will be in for a special treat and a powerful experience.  We will offer one at Mt Shasta Divine Starlight during the Full Moon and Aquarian Lunar Eclipse!!


Yet another largely forgotten tool, talismans can be extraordinary aids in connecting with our Star Families. Meteorites and Tektites such as Moldavite have special energetic qualities that act like signal antennae to amplify our ability to connect.

If you do not have a meteorite or Tektite, then any physical object that reminds you of or gives the feeling of an off world experience, will do.


As social beings, there really is nothing quite like physically connecting with kindred spirits. In this case, communing with others who share this special connection with the Stars is the next best thing to actually connect with your Star Family and often deepens your awareness about your Star origin.

Events such as our Mt Shasta Divine Starlight Retreat is one such opportunity to not only meet and work with other Startseeds but to connect with our Star Families using powerful energetic techniques and even a special CE-5 experience.

If you do not have the opportunity to attend ours or a similar event, we are fortunate to live during an amazing time of unprecedented communication and access to information. You will find that a quick search through social media or the internet can connect you with other Starseeds. Of course, it will be important to use common sense and discretion when connecting through unverified channels.

The Celestial Pillar is a challenging, yet powerfully restorative domain within Energy Healing and Spirituality. It is vitally important to approach this Pillar with the best intentions and seeking the most positive of experiences as it is not without those who would manipulate others for personal gain. If in doubt, always trust your intuition.

I wish that these four pearls of knowledge will help you on you journey of discovery and if you are on the fence about joining us at Mt Shasta in July, I want to encourage you to take the leap to be part of this amazing adventure!  Your life will be forever transformed for the better!!

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Much Love and Radiant Blessings,

Victoria Vives Khuong

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