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Young woman during self-healing session in therapy roomA question that many people have been asking lately is whether Reiki can be learned virtually. The covid outbreak has changed our lives in profound ways and the prevalence of modern technology has enabled new ways for us to learn and interact with one another. Even before covid, matching our schedules with a training we wanted to attend might have presented some challenges.

Because of this, many wonder whether Reiki can be learned and practiced virtually – over a zoom or skype call or even a self-study course.  The answer is yes but there are some important things to keep in mind.


Understanding Reiki

Reiki is often translated as “spiritually guided life force energy”.  It works with our energetic field and is not confined to the physical body.

Because of its spiritual yet not religious nature, it doesn’t adhere to the mental constructs of space or even time. In fact, one of the practices taught in Reiki Level II Certification is specifically Distance Healing sessions performed with what we call the distance symbol. Thus, working remotely is an important aspect of Reiki that has been practiced for decades with phenomenal healing results.


Choosing your virtual Reiki training

The number one benefit of virtual Reiki training is that you can start receiving its benefits when you need them the most – right now.  Self-study courses allow you to set your own schedule, move at your own pace, and review the content and practices as many times as you need whenever you need them.

A beautiful woman sits in a pose of half lotusHowever, strictly virtual Reiki training often results in lack of confidence to embrace and trust the practice of Reiki, almost like we are not truly graduated yet.

For a Reiki Level I experience, which focuses on healing oneself, this might be less prevalent.  However, when it comes to Reiki Level II, when you learn the Reiki symbols and become a practitioner to be able to help others with Reiki, it becomes of utmost importance to complement the virtual training with an in-person experience.

That is when a mentor and a circle of fellow healers can make a tremendous difference in your experience and confidence.  Being able to attend a hybrid training that offers both virtual and in-person attunements as well as interaction with your Reiki teacher and other students on the same healing journey that you are and which whom you can trade Reiki sessions, will absolutely level up your experience and your ability to help others.  With hybrid training, you receive the best of both worlds with all the components you need for long-lasting results and you become part of a community of healers.


How to prepare for learning Reiki virtually

If you are ready to embark on this healing journey, here are some tips on how to receive the best benefits of your virtual Reiki training, whether through self-study or conducted over zoom:

Young man during self-healing session in therapy room, closeup

  1. The first step is to make sure to be in harmonious environment where you will not be disturbed.
  2. You can have any healing items with you such as essential oils (lavender is perfect for this), healing crystals (clear quartz, amethyst, and green aventurine are super powerful for Reiki), and anything else you connect with
  3. Once you are ready, take a moment to visualize green roots coming from your feet down into the earth, so that you feel grounded and ready to work with energy.
  4. Then imagine the room that you are in being filled with light that filters out anything that is not for your greatest good.
  5. Make sure to be in a receptive mode of all the goodness that can come from the Reiki training.

Open to the possibility that there may be some changes in your life after the training. It is not uncommon for old patterns to be released or situations to change allowing us to move towards our true self and self-actualize experience.

Let me know how it goes! I am super excited for you to take this step!

Victoria Vives Khuong


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