Twelve Days of Healing! Are You Ready?

Happy Holidays! We’ve decided to add our own spin to the traditional 12 Days of Christmas and will instead celebrate 12 Days of Healing! We’ll be tending a Healing Crystals Grid for the next twelve days, each day with a specific focus,  Reply to this email to have...

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Awakening the Goddess Within You

Awaken The Goddess Within AWAKEN THE GODDESS WITHIN ~ Learn More LEARN MORE Victoria Vives Khuong Usui REIKI Holy Fire/ REIKI Ryoho Master Teacher Certified by ICRT and IHR and Karuna REIKI® Master Teacher registered with ICRT (ICRT: International Center For Reiki...

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Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Awaken The Goddess Within Embody and express the Goddess energy from within in this Sacred Goddess Path… This event is for women only. Rejoice in the experience of allowing your relationships to flourish as your heart opens and shines the nourishing divine energy of...

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Are You Hearing the Shamanic Healer’s Calling?

Are You Feeling the Calling? Walking the path of the Shamanic Healer is not a career choice nor is it for everyone. It is a calling for those with the strength of spirit and purity of heart to face their darkest fears and heal their deepest wounds so that they may...

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Shamanic Mentorship or Energy Healer Apprenticeship?

Shamanic Mentorship or Energy Healer Apprenticeship? This is a question I am often asked... ..."Should I join the Shamanic Mentorship or Energy Healer Apprenticeship?" In this article, you will learn the differences between the Shamanic Healer Mentorship and the...

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