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Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week, we celebrated the Winter Solstice which has universally been a pivotal time of year for cultures around the world and since pre-history. Christmas being the dominant theme for the next few days, we’ve decided to add our own spin to the traditional 12 Days of Christmas and will instead celebrate 9 Days of Becoming a Healer to receive the New Year! That means that day 9 will be December 31st 🙂

Whether you want to become a Healer for your self-healing, healing of loved ones, or to pursue a professional career as a Healer, this series will support you in a powerful way!

We’ll be also tending a Healing Crystals Grid for the next nine days, each day with a specific focus. Comment on this post to have your name included in the grid in the daily themes that resonate with you so that you receive healing and good energies for 2023!

So let’s get started with day 1…

DAY ONE: Heal Yourself

On our first day of Becoming a Healer, our Crystal Grid will bring to you healing for a vibrant and healthy self (just comment to be included in the Crystal Grid for this matter).

Most of the Healers I know are compassionate and loving beyond measure. They devote their lives to the healing of others and they do it with all their hearts. What is the challenge? Well, like when you travel on an airplane and they guide you to put your oxygen mask first before helping others, in our own lives we need to practice self-care before we can truly be there for others. Your health and your loved ones will thank you for it.

So today, make sure to start with yourself. How can you honor your own healing to become an even more positive force for others and in the world?

Here are some easy ideas:

1. Play your favorite music and enjoy dancing to it
2. Take time first thing in the morning to meditate so that you make sure the day is not gone without it
3. Go to your favorite place in nature this weekend, whether the forest, the ocean or other

Simple acts of self-care can go a long way!!

Feel free to comment on this post to share your intentions for SELF-HEALING!

Can’t wait to share with you day 2!!!



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Don’t miss out on the 9 Days to Becoming a Healer! Subscribe to receive them in your inbox with our special offers and announcements.

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