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If you missed DAY 1 to 7, you can check them here Now, it is time for DAY 8…

DAY EIGHT: Deepen Your Healing Roots

When I started my healing path in 2000, back in Spain, healing was a hard-to-find rarity. Fast forward to 2022, a simple google search brings an avalanche of information! This can feel confusing and overwhelming with contradictory information that leaves us wondering what is genuine and what is not.

How can we reconnect this new age of healing with the authentic ancient lineages and practices? How can we integrate them into modern times? Is that even necessary?

I started healing in the New Age way. Soon, I felt that I was missing a solid foundation to grow from. All my energy traveled to the upper realms but was fragile in the roots. This resulted in a dissociation from my day to day life on Earth and a disconnection from my personal power. I couldn’t take it any longer and I needed a way back to wholeness. For seven years, I devoted myself to studying the origins of healing and have now taken countless heart-centered individuals to this deepening of their healing roots and the expansion of their wisdom and insight as a pivotal aspect in my 1 year programs.

So my message for you today is:

  • Pursue not only height but also depth in your spiritual and healing journey
  • Work not only with ethereal realms but also deeply connecting with tradition and Nature
  • Emphasize the healing of your lower chakras at the same level of further than you do your higher chakras

Hope this brought inspiration to you today. Looking forward to sharing with you Day 9!!! Many Blessings! 💙



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